Text Messaging for Retail & Sales

RetailAs consumers become more and more informed, it’s imperative that you reach out to them in new, revolutionary ways. Mobile Marketing in the form of (SMS) text messaging is one of the most effective new tools at your disposal.

So, what is mobile marketing for retail? A technologically advanced marketing campaign that puts your message in your customers’ hands (literally). For instance, imagine you’d like to hold a sale, but only for customers who have shown loyalty to your brand. In the past you’d send out a mailer, or perhaps even an email. Retail promotions like these are arduous and time-consuming to effectively implement.

With a retail mobile marketing campaign, you can reach hundreds (or even thousands) of those customers in seconds. With our software you can also conduct Mobile Couponing campaigns, a popular and quickly growing solution that is portable, individually targeted, and best of all, paperless. Who knows, they might even be out shopping when they get your text message with that great offer!

SMS Text Messaging software for RetailersRetail Shoppers

With Complete Solutions Mobile Marketing Program, Retail promotion ideas you never dreamed possible suddenly are. Instant action means instant results.
Our (SMS) text messaging software is simple to use, allowing you to focus on developing a powerful, cost effective retail marketing strategy that utilizes the latest technology.

  • Post in-store displays advertising instant savings or 15% off for customers who text your keyword to your short code, showing their confirmation message to the cashier to redeem.
  • Promote your text message program as an “INSTANT SAVINGS CLUB” that send SMS text message alerts for private shopping parties, customers can RSVP to the event to receive a discound online or in the store.
  • Run a contest where customers who text your keyword to your shortcode are automatically entered to win a big ticket item each season. One Lucky winner may be chosen at random.
  • Online retailers can use our widget to build your subscriber list, sending a special promo code in the autoreply when customers sign up.
  • Send out periodic offers like Free Shipping or Free Gift to all your new subscribers.
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