Text Messaging Ideas for Politicians and Public Figures

Political campaign text message marketing has been on the rise with this last election cycle. Joe Miller US Senate campaign in Alaska and a couple smaller city-wide campaigns and causes where using text messaging programs. SMS text marketing is a simple way to get your message in front of supporters. It is also less labor intensive then calling hundreds to thousands of supporters. With Complete Solutions Mobile Marketing software you can reach everyone instantly with the push of a button, via text, IM, or Email.  More and more political campaigns are realizing this as the way to communicate, reach younger voter demographics, and stretch campaign donations to maximum effectiveness.


Like many candidates this year, Carnahan is attempting to duplicate the successful social media strategies of Barack Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign, which built an enormous cell phone database by promising to break the news of his vice presidential pick by text message. Obama messaged more than 1 million phones with his announcement. As the election neared, Obama texted those people again to encourage them to vote.

Carnahan’s Republican Senate opponent, U.S. Rep. Roy Blunt, has been traveling around Missouri in a bright blue RV emblazoned with the words: “Text JOBS to BLUNT.”

Mobile Marketing & SMS Text Messaging Software For Politicians

This year, Democrats and Republicans alike are employing gimmicks, giveaways and all sorts of grand means to gather the wireless phone numbers of likely supporters and voters.

It’s no surprise that more and more politicians are now turning to texting for campaigning, analysts say. “You may not read that e-mail because it ends up in your junk mail folder but you’re darn sure going to read a text message”. Because what’s the one screen of the three screen types you have available to you? The big TV, the laptop and the cell phone. The cell phone is the one you have with you all the time.

Complete Solutions mobile marketing and SMS text messaging just makes sense for your political campaign.  It is an easy, low-cost, highly effective way of bringing supporters up to date with you.

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